ermahgerd! — This Gamespot ad is bad for some many of reasons.

+ It wouldn’t be a phone screenshot if the battery weren’t at 3%
+ 1% for every exclamation point!!!


Why? Why do companies continue to use ermahgerd?

I honestly haven’t seen it used by anyone other than a corporate promotion since it came out, and even then it was only here and there. It was popular for like five minutes, why do companies cling to it like it’s the Holy Grail?

I’d say because it’s family friendly. Daniel is one that they can’t use because of the “cussing” and Netflix and Chill is PG-13. Plus, old people can understand what’s happening as it seems to be a more straightforward meme.





According to urbandictionary ermahgerd  is used for internet memes. An obnoxious way to say “Oh, My God” with strong emphasis on the R sounds. Typically followed by other words with emphasis on the R sounds.

  • ERMAHGERD, ERNSTAGERM (Oh, my god, Instagram)
  • ERMAHGERD, MER FERCE HERTS (Oh, my god, my face hurts)