Why does my WordPress Sucks?

I’ve been creating websites on Orlando for more than 25 years, this is one of the questions that never stops popping up while talking with friends or business professionals.

Q: Why does my site not look like as good as my competitor’s site, in fact my WordPress sucks?
A: You did not hire a professional to create your website

Your WordPress Sucks and this is the way that website building process  went 

  • Without having any material for the website (copy and artwork), the client is advised (or decides) to search for a theme on ThemeForest or one of the countless theme providers online -because they are cheap, mostly around $50 or so.
  • The client Googles for free WordPress hosting. Because why pay for something you can get for free? That usually fails, so they opt for the cheapest hosting they can find.
  • They (or their consultant) install WordPress, they set up the theme, and then struggle for weeks or months to come up with enough copy to fill out all those placeholders.
  • After some time, they accept the fact their website will never look as good as the theme demo, because they don’t have that much to say
  • Eventually, because they don’t take care of their website, they get hacked which puts them into panic mode, asking on a Stack Exchange group what to do. Because their site needs to be up even if there’s no visitors.

The order is not necessarily correct and not all points apply to every scenario, but I’ve personally seen all of them, numerous times.

It’s worth mentioning that even the low-end freelancers advertise the following approach just to make a quick buck from the client, and there are several reasons for that:

    • Lack experience in business in general
    • Lack experience in marketing
    • Running towards the bottom (price-wise), because that’s the only way they can be competitive and get work

Whatever the reason this is hurting your business – badly!

The final price in this case may be quite low (let’s say ~$5990 if you insist on a number), maybe a day’s worth of work for one person. But that time is wasted even if (or because) the site owner decides to save money and do it on their own.

It’s just like doing the electrical wiring in your house – no sane person would do that (unless that’s what you specialize in), but on the internet, the damage after screw ups is not that big or apparent – but it can seriously hurt your business nonetheless!

The bottom line is that you get what you pay for, shop around and find the best fit for your company and get it right.